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Am Freitag, den 13. Juli erscheint unser Album „Wir Ihr Sie“ offiziell auf Platte. Wer nicht länger warten möchte, der sollte sich den exklusiven Vinyl-Preorder auf » « nicht entgehen lassen.

Austrian Metalpunk destroyers PASTY CLAN are back at it with their fifth release and first album in „Wir Ihr Sie“. Though the band may appear to (and do) have an attitude of fun with the presentation of the release (there is something of The Melvins in the self depreciation and tongue in cheek nods to the genre on the album cover) this is a ruse, these songs despite their simplicity of presentation are meticulous in the care that has been put into their construction.

The band ticks all the boxes on this release, fat d-beat riffs that sound like they are straight out of the British midlands in the late 70s, riffs that roll between chugging mosh starters to dance inflected (almost radio-freindly) proper punk! The vocals will keep you in no doubt of where the bands allegiences lie though, Zetto and Chris never relenting from an old school hoarse shout throghout the album.

Production-wise the balance is very clean and modern sounding, the balance is very tight between all the instruments and vocals, with nothing feeling overpowered or out of place, such a production might be inferred to give a punk band too clinical a sound but the inherent bounce and liveliness of the tracks pulls it right back to feeling just like being at a really well engineered gig.

This is proper joining in music, I feel like the best comparison I can think of would be something like Kvelertak but with the pretentious guitar noodling cut out and the rawness knocked up a notch, music you can drink a pint to and punch your mates, but in a way that you all remain freinds afterwards. Storming stuff!

Pasty Clan Album Vinyl-Preorder auf

The King Is Dead – Erstes Video vom neuen Album „Wir Ihr Sie“

Zum Song „The King Is Dead“ vom neuen Album „Wir Ihr Sie“ hat der Tom ein sehr stimmiges Video gemacht. Was wir von der „Geiz ist geil“- und „Geht’s der Wirtschaft gut, geht’s uns allen gut“-Mentalität halten, kommt darin ziemlich deutlich zum Ausdruck!

Mehr Videos gibt es im » Pasty Clan Youtube Channel «.

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